As it is our mission to make the speed skating bigger and more international, we have always aimed to increase the number of countries that are participating at the highest level. Searching, scouting and supporting talents who come from other sports or who just started with speed skating is one of our main goals.

The facts speak for themselves:  before Sport Navigator.NL entered the world of speed skating, the average number of countries that was active in the ISU World Cup was 25, with an average of 29 skaters that participated. Now, after many years of support, we have managed to bring the average number of countries to 29, with an average of 302 skaters participating. An increase of over 15%!

Finally, we would like to give the example of Estonia. This small country has no official ice rinks, only small ice hockey fields. This keeps the sport very small, with a very limited number of speed skaters. After we started supporting the Estonian Speed Skating Federation, this number of skaters started to grow. We provided them with the right equipment, we arranged several training camps for them in other countries and we helped them in every way we could. This year, our support resulted in the ISU World Cup participation of one the Estonian girls, Saskia Alusalu. This 19-year old girls was the first long track speed skater from Estonia since 1939! After 75 years, Estonia is now back in speed skating!

An example of how we work is the presence of Latvian skater Haralds Silovs. Once, Silovs was a short track skater, who was interested to switch to our beloved long track skating. With the support of our Sponsor Partners, we were able to give him the help he needed to chase his dreams; participating in the Olympic Games. With the material, financial and operational support, such as the right skates, the best clothing and the search for optimal training circumstances, Haralds is now a high-level speed skater, with realistic Olympic ambitions!

Chinese Taipei
Another nice story about our support is the story of Ching-Yang Sung from Chinese Taipei. As a kid, Ching-Yang was put on inline skates, which is not done on ice, but on asphalt. Sung became a very good inliner. But inline skating is not an Olympic sport, which forces many of the inliners to convert to ice speed skating, chasing their Olympic dreams. For Ching-Yang, this meant training on small, unofficial ice tracks and trying to compete in long track events once in a while. That is the moment that he caught our eye. We contacted him, supported him where we could and invited him to our Kia Speed Skating Academy in Inzell. Now, Ching-Yang is developing very fast into an incredible sprinter on ice, even with Olympic medals in sight. Something we are very proud of!

Besides these examples, there are a lot more. Thanks to our support, skaters from Denmark, Scotland, Spain, Mongolia, Argentina, England and Slovakia represented their countries in international ISU competitions since a very long time.  All these stories give us the confidence and the motivation that we are working on something good and that we will continue our mission!

Saskia Alusalu (Estonia)

Haralds Silovs (Latvia)

Ching-Yang Sung (Chinese Taipei)