History & Highlights

Since the start:
29 World Champions and 38 Olympic Medallists

Season 2013-2014:
Very successful Olympic Games in Sochi. Our skaters win 11 medals!

Season 2013-2014:

Another World Champion, Jing Yu from China becomes the World Sprint Champion!

Season 2012-2013:

Very successful season with 5 of our speed skaters becoming World Champion!

Season 2012-2013:
Many podium places for our skaters during international ISU events: 40 x Gold, 54 x Silver & 46 x Bronze!

March 2011:
Opening of the Kia Speed Skating Academy, the first international speed skating academy in the world, an initiative of Sport Navigator.NL.

Season 2010-2011:
The number of skaters that are supported by Sport Navigator.NL has grown to almost 300 skaters.

Season 2010-2011:
And again, we are proud to announce that we have had 4 World Champions this season! First of all Ivan Skobrev, who became World Allround Champion in Calgary, after he had already won the European Championships. Then, Kyu Hyuk Lee won the World Sprint Title again, for the 4th time in his career! Last, Jenny Wolf and Kyu Hyuk Lee won the World Title on the 500m in Inzell.

Season 2010-2011:
Again many podium places during this special season. Our skaters reached the podium at an international event for 143 times!

September 2010:
Start of the renovation of the building of the Kia Speed Skating Academy

June 2010:

The Sponsor Partners commit themselves to another Olympic cycle and sign a new agreement until 2014!

Season 2009-2010:
This season, we welcome two World Sprint Champions: Both from Korea, Sang Hwa Lee with the ladies and Kyu Hyuk Lee with the men became World Sprint Champion!
During the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, our skaters won 14 Olympic medals, including 3 Gold Medals for Tae Bum Mo, Sang Hwa Lee and Seung Hoon Lee from Korea.

Season 2009-2010:
This was really the top season so far: The season 2009-2010 'our' skaters reached the podium for 179 times!

Season 2008-2009:
We supported 3 World Champions, being World Sprint Champion Beixing Wang and Jenny Wolf and Kang-Seok Lee on the 500 meter. Besides this, 3 of 'our' skaters won the final classification of an ISU World Cup!

Season 2008-2009:
Again the number of podium places increased: The past season 'our' skaters reached the podium for 141 times!

October 2008:
Kia extends the contract again; G4S and Clafis Engineering enter as new sponsors.

October 2008:
Production, planning, designing and organising the funding of high performance skating race equipment of no less than 75% of all competing countries in international speed skating!

October 2008:
By now we work for skaters and federations representing 29 countries in the world, all together we expect for the coming season to support over 200 speed skaters! Since 2003-2004 there has been a structural growth in the number of skaters and the number of countries represented in international speed skating.

Season 2007-2008:
We supported 4 World Champions and 4 of 'our' skaters won the final classification of an ISU World Cup! For example Kyu-Hyuk Lee, 2 times World Sprint Champion and Jenny Wolf, multiple World Champion over 500 meter and World Sprint Champion 2008!

Season 2007-2008:
Results could get even better: The season 2007-2008 'our' skaters reached the podium for 130 times! Season 2006-2007: No less than 114 podium places are reached by 'our' speed skaters during international speed skating events!

January 2007:
Introduction of the Touring Car & Skater Hospitality Unit into the international speed skating world. This unit offers the skaters all facilities they need to compete at the highest possible level.

October 2006:
Sunweb Vakanties joins as a sub sponsor for the seasons 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. June 2005: Yacht and Kia ( Netherlands) extend the sponsor contract until June 2008. As well a third company, PeptoPro®, is added as a sub sponsor for the 2005-2006 season.

January 2005:
During the European Allround Championships in Heerenveen (NED) the Dutch companies Yacht and Kia ( Netherlands) commit themselves as a main sponsor to Sport Navigator.nl. More then 50% of the non-Dutch competitors are wearing the sponsor logos of these companies during this tournament! After this, Yacht and Kia decide to keep on supporting these skaters of the rest of the speed skating season 2004-2005.

October 2004:
Many non-Dutch skaters and federations are seeking for support of Sport Navigator.nl. By combining these skaters the search for sponsors is continued as a group.

March 2004:
1st sponsor deal during the World Championships Single Distance 2004 in Seoul: Kia ( Netherlands) is the sponsor of the national Korean speed skating team.

October 2003:
Entrance into the international speed skating world, as personal manager of Kip Carpenter (USA) and Mike Ireland (CAN). Also general support of the national Korean speed skating team.