Kia Speed Skating Academy

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In the south German place of Inzell, we have opened the Kia Speed Skating Academy. In the summer of 2010, we  bought the old hospital in the town and we have done this in close cooperation with the local government. The mayor of Inzell has put in a lot of personal effort in this project to ensure that we could purchase the building.

The building has been completely renovated into a nice and cool place where "skaters from all over the world" stay to be part of our international development training group in order to train at the highest possible level. We have the best coaches (head coach Jeremy Wotherspoon, who is the current World Record holder 500m and assistant coach Tristan Loy) to ensure that skaters will develop into world class skaters.

In case you wish to see our promo video which we have made in order to find financial sponsors for this project,
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The KIA Speed Skating Academy: a tour