International Mobile Service COACH

As commonly seen in Formule 1 and Moto-GP, the speed skating sport has been extended with a special service truck as well. Thanks to the support of our Partners in Sport, Sport was able to enlarge their work-force and service level by using this new concept. This unique, former double-decked touring car is totally rebuild and custom made, and it is designed for traveling to most speed skating competitions in Europe.
By the use of this "Mobility Service Center", we can support and facilitate all "our" top speed skaters and their coaches. All in all this facility unit is a unique "home when abroad" for skaters, most important of all is written on our tent:

"No entry for VIP's - Athletes Only!"

 This touringcar and hospitality unit is equipped with:

* Racing-bikes for warm-up and cool-down;
* Massage-benches;
* Facilities for making "rocks" and sharpening blades;
* Sports drink re-charge point including requested nutrition;
* Video-analysis for coaches;
* Power training equipment;
* Seminars for trainers and coaches;
* Table soccer playing;
* Darts playing;
* Live watching of competitions on wide screen.