Sponsor Partners

We are proud to present our Sponsor Partners. Thanks to this support we are able to supply our Top Sport Athletes with the services, materials and 'know how' they need to develop and perform at the top level.

In Return

In return these companies, so called Sponsor Partners can introduce a top sport athlete or the whole group as their official company's ambassador. This may mean that the athlete will visit "his " company on a special occasion. Also he may play a role in the introduction of a new product to retail partners of his company. At the other hand, being associated with a successful and healthy top sport athlete may also be of great value when the company is to introduce a product to the end-users or to tell something specific to the consumers.

Strategic Communication Mix

You will use a number of specific media in a specific way to promote your product or your company. This strategic communication mix may consist of various media like TV-commercials, online advertisement and also all kind of printed matter in magazines, billboards and in store display materials. The "use " of the performance and the popularity of top sport athletes is increasing in terms of value-ability in the marketing communication mix. In terms of marketing strategy it has been proven world wide as a cost efficient and effective way of creating a positive attitude towards the brand.


When a brand is associated with a top sport athlete the target group will always start to feel sympathy for it. That is very valuable to companies who want to increase their volume of sales, but also to companies who want to invest as well in people's health and sportive ambitions. The companies below share this vision and they are very valuable to our top sport athletes.
The companies in the submenu share our vision and are of important value for our top sport athletes.

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