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The third World Cup of the season in the German capital Berlin, was a very special for the team of t


Berlin - The winter sport season is still young, but the ice-speed-skating fever is obviously incr


The international speed skating series continued in the South Korean capital Seoul for the second IS

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International Development of Speed Skating is our Passion!

Since many years, Sport Navigator.NL has been a unique player in the international world of speed skating. Since our entrance in the sport in 2003, we have worked with young talents, but as well with many World and Olympic champions. Last season, we supported almost 300 speed skaters from 24 various countries, a unique group of top athletes!  

Thanks to the unique and extremely valuable media-exposure that we can offer for a very competitive rate to our Sponsor Partners, we intend to continue our development in the coming years towards the next Olympic Games of 2018 in Korea. The many skaters that are active at international events are generating an extreme amount of media exposure. This offers our Sponsor Partners the tools to be visible at a very large scale, again: at very attractive rates. Thanks to our concept with such a large group of skaters, we can always guarantee Maximum Exposure!

Today's birthdays

Today we congratulate:

Anna Rokita from Austria

Heike Hertmann from Germany

Do-Yeong  Park from Korea

Darja Sjalakova from Belarus