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Sábliková impresses with world title
      Martina and her coach Petr Novak having "a diner" in Apeldoorn during the‘KIA-Summer-Ice-Master Class' in 2005
With strong races the Czech skater Martina Sábliková won the World Allround Championships 2009 in Hamar (Norway). Sábliková was one of the first skaters who was supported by the sponsor consortium of Sport Navigator.NL.
From the start of Sport Navigator.NL, she was part of a ‘development program'. In the summer of 2005, Sábliková trained under the Dutch coach Geert Kuiper during the ‘KIA-Summer-Ice-Master Class', together
with other skaters like Russian sprinter Svetlana Kaykan, stayer Artem Detyshev, Ukrainian Maksim Pedos and Swiss Jan Caflisch (who competed in the European Championships earlier this season). That summer, they
spend a couple of weeks in The Netherlands for a special training camp.
Her coach Petr Novak joined her during that summer in The Netherlands as well, where he spoke a lot with Geert Kuiper about all kinds of training programs, but as well about her special skating technique and her
physical possibilities. Geert Kuiper then: "It surprised and worried me that "her bones" were making noises
during running exercises. I shared my worries and thought, in my opinion, that the physical load of her body might be too much for her age during that period. Until so far it seems that her body is able to manage".
That she won the European Championships of 2007 in Collalbo was already a big surprise. But that she would win the World Allround Championships this season, was a real sensation and this is something she and her
coach should get all credits for. They have proven that hard work and never giving-up will have result and
now has made speedskating popular in the Czech Republic. Thanks to all this, Sábliková is doing really well
one year before the Olympics. We are pleased to see that the ‘help' which we gave her in the past resulted
in her great development. Therefore, we congratulate her and Petr with this fantastic result!
Again success for Konrad Niedzwiedzki
Polish Konrad Niedzwiedzki was again on the podium
a big tournament this weekend. A second place
on the 500 meter during the European Championships
earlier this season, was followed by a third place on the
500 meter during this Worlds.
With this result, he shows that he has made progress this season and that he is able to perform every weekend.
His 1500 meter on Sunday was good as well (1.46,45), which resulted in an 8th place. In the final classification,
the Polish skater finished on place 12, which is a really good achievement for this specialist on the middle distances, with which he was really happy.

"The 500 and 1500 meters were the distances on which I wanted to perform well and I did. That makes me really happy!"
Alla Shabanova has a good debut
Russian Alla Shabanova performed really well during her debut on a World Allround Championships.
The skater from Russian ‘speed skating capital' Kolomna, raced a great 500 meters, however she almost fell in the last corner. This resulted in a second place on this distance.

As well the 1500 meter was of a great level, which resulted in a respectable 11th place in the final classification. Alla was therefore really pleased with her debut.

"It was my goal to qualify for the final 5 km and together with that to finish in the top 12 of the final classification. That I managed to do that, with a podium spot and a personal best on the 500 meter, is really perfect! I am looking forward to do more personal bests during the World Cup Finals in Salt Lake City at the
end of this season. I am already looking forward to that event!'
Painful weeks for Johan Röjler
Swedish Johan Röjler really has bad luck.

Last week during training, he feel and slid under the boarding in Erfurt, which resulted
in a big wound and a visit to the hospital, but nevertheless he was at the start later that day for the team-pursuit. A bit confused, he told us that he could not abandon his team mates, since they could still qualify for the World Championships Single Distances.
A week later, Johan was recovered and fully motivated to start in Hamar at the 1st race of the weekend. During the 500 meters sadly, after only 150 meter, he fell in the first corner, which made a good final classification impossible for him.

However, Johan was not sad or angry, but he found it a challenge to motivate himself again for the other distances. "I crashed pretty hard, but my other results were not that bad. My team mate Joel Eriksson had
to withdraw on Sunday because of illness, which is really a shame. All together, this was not a great tour-nament to remember for Sweden."
Many skaters of Sport Navigator.NL present at Worlds Allround 
Never ever before, this many skaters supported by Sport Navigator.NL competed during the World Allround Championships.

For the men, besides Niedzwiedzki, Röjler and Eriksson, the Germans Robert Lehmann and Tobias Schneider, as well as Korean Choi and French Pascal Briand competed.

With the ladies, apart from Shabanova, the Russian Shikhova, Polish Wójcicka, German Opitz and Korean Lee competed.

Therefore, it was a great tournament for Sport Navigator.NL and its sponsors!
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