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Jeremy Wotherspoon carefully considering skating

Plural world sprint champion Jeremy Wotherspoon surprised everybody at the World Cup meet in Erfurt with his presence. On skates. But not yet in competition.
In November in Berlin, Wotherspoon saw the season glip through his fingers when he fell and fractured his left arm. Now, almost three months later, the Canadian stood on the ice in Erfurt a couple of times to train carefully. “Last week I went onto the ice for the first time in Calgary. I thought it would be neat and motivating to join the team to Europe and see the best skaters again. And why not bring my skates?”
Wotherspoon was warmly welcomed by the skating scene in Erfurt. He hopes for a speedy recovery, but doesn't dare to think of racing. “I don't want to jeopardize the next, important, season by taking any risks with my arm at this point. So I am not thinking of a comeback at the World Single Distance Championships inVancouver. But who can tell, if I am fit and ready for it…”

Polish ladies on the podium

In the Team Pursuit, which was surprisingly won by the Czech ladies, the Polish trio Katarzyna Wójcicka, Luiza Zlotkowska and Natalia Czerwonka finished in a unique third place with 3:06.26.
Zlotkowska showed her great happiness: "I am mostly training for the team-pursuit and for me that's more important than my individuel results," Luiza stated. "So, you can imagine this is a great moment for me and our team on our way to the Olympics." Zlotkowska, who comes from a village nearby Warsaw, is usually training with her coach, the former skater Ewa Borkowska, at the renewed ice-rink in Zakopane, which hosts the Worlds for Juniors at the end of this month.

Again bad luck: new injury for Pekka Koskela

Finnish Pekka Koskela was off again with what looks like a hamstring injury. He started the first day in Erfurt on the 500 meter, but was not even half way the first straight or he stopped skating, went into the inner lane with a painful expression on his face and his hands around the hamstring of his right leg. He did not get back into action in the remaining days.
The Finnish skater hasn't been lucky. At the beginning of the season he made the 500 meter podium three times and the 1000 meter podium once. Last year he also had a fantastic season's start, with a world record which still stands (1:07.00 in the 1000 meter), but after that he got an injury which held him far from that great form. We hope this year the injury will have less severe consequences.

Svetlana Kaykan finds her way to the World Cup Final

The experienced Russian skater Svetlana Kaykan had a bleak first half of the season due to a virus infection what took her out of shape but.....she was back in Erfurt, like the weekend before in Kolomna, on the highest step, of the B-division. The second day she skated 38.75, which made her the fastest Russian lady. On the podium with her was Italian Chiara Simionato, who is back racing after a serious injury.
In the A-division Julia Nemaya made a misstroke and finished in 38.83. The time of Kaykan was the 9th overall-time of the day. A day before, she already won with 39.00, and these wins will enable her to start at the World Cup Final in Salt Lake City and the World Single Distance in Vancouver; her main goal of the season.

Good German results at home-rink

Things go well with the German ladies. Daniela Anschütz is on her way to a good world championships coming weekend. At both distances that she skated on her home ice, she finished second: both on the 3000 meter and on the 1500 meter.
Jenny Wolf already won the World Cup. Her only challenge was to improve her own track record, which stood at 37.88. She succeeded majestically on Friday with 37.58. With her on the podium were Chinese Yu and Yin. Next to Wolf and Anschütz, there were two wins of Anni Friesinger.

Lobkov disappointed at home

The 500 meter-races in Erfurt had to do without the Russian sprinter Dmitry Lobkov. Last week Lobkov was frustrated because he had to pass on the second day of the races in Kolomna because of a foot injury. But when he told the team leaders on Monday that he could skate again this week, Lobkov was told eventhough that he was not able to start in Erfurt. He has no idea about the ‘why'.
“I don't understand any of it. It's a pitty that the best Russian sprinter do not participate”, Lobkov said in Kolomna. “I am pretty sad about it, but that is the way things go. It's such a pity!”
Equally remarkable was the absence of Yekaterina Malysheva who skated well last week. She had gotten the same message. Whether we will see both top Russians at the World Cup finals and the World Single Distance Championships, remains unclear.


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