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The international top of speed sating gathered last weekend in Berlin for the first World Cup of 2017. It brought some very good results for our skaters.,

Gold and bronze for Nico Ihle
Nico Ihle made a great appearance on home soil. The German skater won the first 500 meters in the Sportforum of Berlin. He resisted the complete international competition and took the gold.

Ihle came on to the ice in the fifth pairing, immediately after Japanse Yuma Murakami raced to the fastest time sofar. He was the first to break the barrier of 35 seconds with 34,97. The 31-year ol German proved it was possible to race faster. Ihle set a great time of 34,83. That was too fast for the men in the following five pairings. Nobody even came close to Ihle.

For the skater from Karl Marx Stadt there was even a second medal. Ihle also took the bronze on the second 1000 meters. Dutchman Kaj Verbij took victory, just before Norwegian Lorentzen. Ihle came in third with 1.09,31.

On the second 500 meters and the first 1000 meters Ihle both came in als number eight, with 35,14 and 1.09,64.

Bloemen stunts with gold on 5000 meters
The 5k in Berlin became a distance full of surprises. Certainly as it comes down to the winner. No sign of Dutch supremacy this time. Without Sven Kramer taking part the win was for the Dutch Canadian Te-Jan Bloemen.

TJ Flowers, as Bloemen is known in his new home country, raced in the ninth pairing against German Patrick Beckert. Bloemen did great with all laps in the 29 seconds. Only in the last two laps Bloemen went into the 30's. It brought hime a time of 6.15,84.

From the side Bloemen saw Jorrit Bergsma appear in the last pairing. But the Dutchman already had to let go of the 29'ers after just nine laps and in the end came in third. Bloemen had to fear New Zealands Peter Michael, who raced in a schedule with the fastest laps in the end. He stranded at 6.16,65, which left a delighted Ted-Jan Bloemen at the side of the rink.

Lorentzen shines on 1000 meters
Havard Lorentzen proved himself once again to be world class on the 1000 meters. The 24-year old Norwegian achieves at high level all season, but appeared to have made a new step in Berlin.

After the first 1000 meters took place on the third step of the podium, besdies Dutchmen Nuis and Verbij. The Norwegian had a time of 1.09,03 and with that he was kind of the best of the rest, after both Nuis and Verbij broke the barrier of 1.09.

In his second 1000 meters Lorentzen was a little bit slower, but in the end ranked one place higher. He raced to 1.09,23 and saw how only Verbij was just 15 hundreds of a second faster.

In the ranking of the World Cup Lorentzen now takes fourth place, behind Nuis, Verbij and the surprising Canadian Vincent De Haitre.

Livio Wenger: bronze in B-group
Just one week after is 24th birthday Livio Wenger treated himself to a bronze medal at the World Cup in Berlin. The Swiss skater ended the 5k in the B-group in third place.

Livio had a fine race with a very flat schedule. Only the one before last lap he clocked in the 31's, but all the other were extremely regular. This brought him a time of 6.29,42. Livio started in the 12th pairing and knew before him the Dutchmen Marcel Bosker and Jos de Vos were already faster. But in the remainder of the race his third place never was in danger.

Fifth place Vanessa Herzog on 1000 meters
Austrian Vanessa Herzog did fine on the 1000 meters. De 21-year old, formerly known as Vanessa Bittner, took fifth place. With her time of 1.16,50 Herzog was exactly one second slower then new European champion sprint Karolina Erbanova, who took third oplace with 1.15,50. It shows how close Herzog is coming.

On the first 1000 meters she was almost a full second slower. Het time of 1.17,43 brought her 13th place. Within a day however, she won almost a second, which makes clear that there is a lot of progress possible.

Tenth place Marina Zueva
Maria Zueva showed good form in the 3k in Berlin. De skater from Belarus took the tenth place on that distance with a solid race. She raced towards a time of 4.07,56 and with that she was part of a big group just begint the top three on that distance.

Saskia Alusalu qualifies for World Championships
Saskia Alusalu can look forward to the World Championships Allround, which will be held in the first week of March in Hamar, Norway. The 22-year old from Estonia did well during the World Cup in Berlin, with a 16th place on the 3k in the B-group. Alusalu raced towards 4.16,83 and with that time she ended up in the middle of the classification. Her achievements in Berlin were good enough to get her ticket for Hamar.

Nils van der Poel fine on 5k
Young Sweden Nils van der Poel made a good impression on the 5k. On the highest level he finished in 15th place. Van der Poel started out very wel, but went into the 31's after five full laps. In the end his time was 6.31,52. For Van der Poel it is in this stage of his career mostly the experience that counts.

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