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World Cup Calgary

The finale races of the World Cup in 2017 were last weekend in Salt Lake City. On the lightning fast track a lot of skaters raced to records, and even world records.


Bloemen takes world record on 5k

After the world record on the 10k Ted-Jan Bloemen has also taken the world record on the 5k. The 31-yar old Canadian with Dutch roots crushed in Salt Lake the old record of the absent Sven Kramer and set it to an amazing 6.01,86.

The 5k in Salt Lake already was a race of records. Take Patrick Beckert, the German skater who had a great fight with his fellow countryman Moritz Geisreiter, which brought him to a terrific time of 6.07,02. The ninth fastest 5k ever and a new German record. Geisreiter came in third in 6.07,31.

Those races inspired Bloemen. ,,I saw the guys race in 6.07 and it made me curious after the circumstances", Bloemen said. ,,My race was faster. I felt better than a week ago in Calgary, but I didn't expect it to be that fast."

Bloemen never left the laptimes in the 28 seconds. At first he was on schedule for the track record, but in the second part of the race, the word record of 6.03,32 came closer. With a final lap of 28.7 Bloemen broke that record with over a second: 6.01,86. ,,If Sven Kramer would have been here, I would have beaten him", Bloemen provoked the absent world champion even more.


Gold again for Alex Boisvert-Lacroix

Sometimes you have to wait a while for a first victory, but after that one the second usually follows a lot faster. Alex Boisvert-Lacroix proved these words again to be true. The 30-year old Canadian was a first time winner a week ago in Calgary, but had a second win already seven days after.

A week ago Alex Boisvert-Lacroix's time of 34,31 was enough to win by just one thousand of a second. This time the Canadian raced towards 34,15 in the first 500 meters. It was a new personal record for the former shorttracker, who seems to be faster every week. But it also brought him the second gold. Boisvrt-Lacroix saw how in the finale two races nobody could beat his time.

A day later the Canadian could not repeat that stunt. With 34,18 he even missed the podium. Boisvert-Lacroix came in fifth.


Mika Poutala: bronze and fifth

The fast ice of the rinks in Northern America are fully to the liking of Mika Poutala. The Finnish skater won bronze a week before in Calgary, and even took home a silver medal this time.

In the last part of his career Poutala (34) still puts himself forward as a candidate for an Olympic medal. De man from Helsinki is still getting faster. His 34,28 in Calgary meant a new Finnish record, and he already broke that in Salt Lake City. In the first 500 meters he raced towards a time of 34,17, which was also good for silver behind winner Alex Boisvert-Lacroix (34,15).

In the second 500 meters Poutala was hardly any slower. This time he clocked 34,21 and ended up on sixth place with that. The same classification he achieved on the 1000 meters with a time of 1.07,28. And that was only four hundreds of a second slower than his personal best, dating from 2009, when Poutala was still a young guy.


Canada wins team pursuit

Canada is not only performing well individually, but also as a team. Last week there was a world record on the team sprint, and in Salt Like there was a gold medal in the team pursuit.

The foursome Denny Morrison, Ted-Jan Bloemen, Benjamin Donnelly and Jordan Belchos did very well in a breathtaking version of the team pursuit. The Canadians raced towards 3.36,44 and saw how in the race immediately after them Italy and New-Zealand in an awesome fight both came very close. The Italians finished in 3.36,54, only a tenth of a second slower. New-Zealand ended up third in 3.36,75. Between the three teams on the podium, there was only a quarter of a second difference.


Swings wins mile in B-Division

Belgium's Bart Swings took home a gold medal from Salt Lake City. He earned it with a great performance on the 1500 meters in the B-Division. The multiple world champion on inline-skates had a good race, in which he kept of two Dutchmen.

Swings, who quite regular races in the Dutch marathons, raced towards 1.44,10. With that he was only just in front of Lucas van Alphen (1.44,23) and Marcel Bosker (1.44,45). If you compare Swings' time with the results in the A-Division, the Belgian still has to step up. He would have been thirteenth, little over three seconds behind winner Denis Yuskov.

Swings also took part in the mass-start, and also there he earned a medal. Just like other riders Swings saved energy for the final sprint, in which Seung-Hoon Lee and Livio Wenger were faster. It meant bronze for Swings.


Livio Wenger second in mass-start

Livio Wenger won a rare skating medal for Switzerland, that only has some known skaters in Franz Krienbühl and Martin Hänggi.

The 24-year old Wenger won the silver on the mass-start. He ended up fourth in the semi-final, and in the final Wenger actually was very clever. He did not interfere in the sprints, which almost have no influence on the final result, but waited for the final sprint. And he came very close to victory. Wenger was only 15 hundreds of a second behind Korean winner Seung-Hoon Lee, but was fast enough to keep Bart Swings behind him.

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