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The best sprinters in the world gathered this weekend in the Olympic Oval of Calgary, Canada for the world championships sprint.

Beautiful silver medal for Lorentzen
Håvard Holmefjord Lorentzen has given the Norwegian speed skate fans something to cheer about. He is the first Norwegian skater since the end of the 90’s to end up on the podium at a world championship for sprinters. Lorentzen finished in second place and was for a brief moment very close to the world title.

The strength of Lorentzen is in the 1000 meters, something he made very clear in Calgary. Perhaps more important was that he didn’t loose too much time on the 500 meters, with a 6th place (34,43) and a 10th place (34,62).

He made his moves on the 1000 meters. The man who suffered a severe injury after a terrible fall little over a year ago, made his way to the podium with a 4th (1.07,08) and a 3rd place (1.07,38). After his race he was already sure of the bronze, but when Ronald Mulder wasted too much time on the final 1000 meters he ended up with the silver medal. When Kai Verbij almost fell in the final race, Lorentzen was for an instant close to the world title, but Verbij stayed on his feet and won

Bronze medal Mika Poutala
Once again Mika Poutala did not leave a world championship empty handed. The experienced Fin won a bronze medal on the 500 meters and added another success to his already long list.

In the first 500 meters Poutala ended up as 7th in 34,44. IN the second race he was only a fraction faster, although two tenth of a second means wa world of difference among the sprinters. With 34,23 he ended up with the bronze.

Poutala did well on the 1000 meters, but not good enough to win any medals. He came in 9th (1.07,96) and 10th (1.07,97). In the general classification poutala ended up on fifth place.

Three strong races by Nico Ihle
Nico Ihle will wake up with nightmares about his 500 meters on the second day of the tournament. The German produced three strong races, but was punished for the mistakes he made on the fourth.

Ihle had a tough race and finished in a time of 35,03, with which he only ended up on 22nd place. Ihle lost too much time in that single race to be able to make up in de last one.

In every other race Ihle came in on fifth place. On the 500 meters (34,37) and both the 1000 meters (1.07,16 and 1.07,75). In total there was place eight for Ihle.

In alle andere races eindigde Ihle als vijfde. Op de 500 meter (34,37) en de beide wedstrijden over 1000 meter (1.07,16 om 1.07,75). Daarmee was er voor de Duitser in totaal een achtste plaats.

Double silver for De Haitre
Vincent de Haitre had an outstanding World Championships. The Canadian sprinter is very strong on the 1000 meters, but had the misfortune that Kjeld Nuis is in the best form of his life. The Dutchman kept De Haitre twice from a gold medal.

With De Haitre finishing 1.06,72 in the first 1000 meters, Nuis responded with 1.06,61. And the 1.07,23 by De Haitre in the second race was met by a 1.06,51 from Nuis. But with double silver there was little to complain for the Canadian.

On the 500 meters things weren’t that shiny for De Haitre. With 35,04 and 35,00 he raced to the places 23 and 20. In the final classification De Haitre finished on place nine.

Roman Krech: twice silver
Well, where De Haitre had bad luck with the performances of Kjeld Nuis, Roman Krech met a superior Ronald Mulder. The skater from Kazachstan twice produced a great race, but twice the Dutchman was a little bit faster.

What Krech did, was remarkable. Not only did he race very fast, but he posted exactly the same time twice. In both races over 500 meters he ended up in 34,21. Fast, but not fast enough. Mulder first raced to 34,18 and then even 34,08. That was too much for Krech, but two silver medals were a nice consolation prize.

On the 1000 meters there was no role for Krech. With 1.08,60 and 1.08,66 he came in 15th and 17th. Overall he ended up being tenth.

Hege Bøkko in fifth place
Norwegian Hege Bøkko performed well, but was not rewarded with a medal. On the distances she missed out on the podium, and she did the same in the final classification.

On the first day Bøkko was the closest to the podium. She ended up fourth on the 500 meters in 37,43 and won fifth place on the following 1000 meters (1.13,96). On the second day she lost too much time. She raced to 37,88 on the 500 meters for a tenth place and 1.14,04 fo a sixth place on the final 1000 meters. It brough her fifth place in the final classification, where more was possible.

Vanessa Herzog in the top ten
Also in Calgary Vanesse Herzog showed she gets more and more connected to the worlds best sprinters. She ended the tournament with a great spot in the top ten. In fact she ended up on place eight, even in front of Russia’s Olga Fatkulina.

Herzog opened the tournament with place seven on the 500 meters (37,59), followed by tenth place on the 1000 meters in 1.14,74. On day two her 500 meters was less good than the first one. In 38,05 she came in as 12th. On the 1000 meters she improved to 1.14,45, but once again that time brought her to tenth place.

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