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European Championships Single Distances Kolomna
The first event of 2018 was immediately a tournament that appeared completely new on the calendar: the European Championships Single Distances. In Russian Kolomna this yielded quite a bit of medals.

Golden sprint Vanessa Herzog
Vanessa Herzog has already shown in recent months that her development has continued, and that showed the Austrian in Kolomna again.
The 22-year-old Herzog took a nice harvest back to Austria. Main medal: the gold plaque that she captured at the 500 meters. Herzog delivered an excellent race there and was the only one to break the 38-second limit. She came out at 37.69 and was therefore far too strong for the rest. The Russian Angelina Golikova - her opponent in the eighth pair - was still the closest in 38,04.
At the 1000 meters Vanessa Herzog also performed very well. This time she narrowly missed the gold, but there was a silver medal for the Austrian. Herzog clocked 1.15.44 in her beautiful ride against Yekaterina Shikhova. The Russin crossed the line earlier and immediately signed for the fastest time: 1.15,34.
Finally, Herzog captured another bronze plaque on the mass start. The Austrian sprinted for victory with Francesca Lollobrigida and Francesca Bettrone, and had to watch as Lollobrigida took the European title, just for her compatriot. The bronze remained for Herzog.

Double silver for Mika Poutala
For the time being, Mika Poutala may be the second fastest in Europe at 500 meters. The Finn drove a good race in Kolomna, where he clocked a time of 34.85. With that, he just fell short of Ronald Mulder, who had come to 34.80 earlier. Poutala, however, ended exactly the same with the Russian Pavel Kulizhnikov. Thousands therefore had to make the decision, and Poutala was exactly four faster than the Russian.
On the team sprint Poutala and his compatriots Pekka Koskela, Harri Levo and Samuli Suomalainen then had to recognize their superior in the Russians. They raced to a time of 1.19.38 and were by far the fastest. The Finns clocked 1.21,19 and thus held the Poles exactly one tenth of a second behind them. That was good for silver.

Nico Ihle takes bronze in 1000 meter
Nico Ihle won a bronze medal at the 1000 meters in the first European championship. The 32-year-old German was particularly close to a gold plaque. The differences in the top three were minimal.
Ihle could hope for more than bronze for some time. His time of 1.08.95 was the fastest of all after six stages. Until then, the German was the only one who went below 1.09. Two Russians, however, threw a spanner in the works. In the ninth, Pavel Kulizhnikov was faster (1.08.84). That turned out to be the winning time afterwards. Denis Yuskov came to 1.08.92 and pushed Ihle to place three.
At the 500 meters Ihle would have signed for that classification. The German raced to 35.03 in the final stage. In the same ride he saw Mika Poutala already faster, while the winning Ronald Mulder (34.80) and Pavel Kulizhnikov were also rapper. For Ihle, the always unpopular fourth place remained.

Bronze for Polish Team Pursuit
The Polish men left Kolomna with a bronze medal on the team team. With the trio Ja Szymanksi, Adrian Wielgat and Zbigniew Brodka the Poles were actually the 'fastest of the rest'. The Poles had to admit to the Dutch for almost ten seconds in their ride against the Netherlands, after the Russians were already quite rapper in the first stage. The Poles eventually clocked 3.52.60 and with that they just kept the Norwegians and the Italians behind. The Netherlands won in 3.42.79, Russia picked up the silver with 3.44.59.

German women third on Team Pursuit
For the German women's team the team team from the European Championships provided a bronze medal. The three Roxane Dufter, Gabriele Hirschbichler and Michelle Uhrig managed to keep the Polish ladies away from their time of 3.05.03. They came to 3.05.06.
The German trio came into the orbit against the Netherlands, which eventually won sovereign victory in 2.59,34. The Russian formation ended second with a time of 3.01.88.

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